India Network Pre-existing Plans require 90 days Minimum

India Network offers two major plans for pre-existing conditions coverage – one is ACE Network Plan. The ACE Network Plan is the best possible insurance for both new problems,accidents, and pre-existing conditions at affordable prices, and for all age groups.

The ACE Network Plans employs a simple and straightforward definition – Pre-existing conditions are treated on par with new problems when a plan is purchased with pre-existing conditions option. So, if a visitor goes to emergency, that medical condition would be covered either as a new medical problem or under pre-existing conditions coverage. First you have meet your deductible and then plan pays 80 percent of covered expenses, and you are responsible for 20 percent.

The Premier Plan is a fixed benefit plan which covers pre-existing conditions on par with new problems. The Only difference between new medical conditions and pre-existing medical conditions is that the later ones are subject to higher deductible and a separate policy maximum.

Why 90 days coverage?? The pre-existing insurance coverage offered is based on the assumption that policy holder would contribute at least 90 days  premium. This DOES NOT MEAN that one has to wait 90 days to get coverage. The insurance coverage will start from the effective date listed on the application form and there is no waiting period. 


  1. Chitra Raghu

    I am considering buying pre existing ACE Network plan for my father who is 82. My question is, if he really gets sick before his three months, is he not covered?
    something that is genuine. Not like he is coming here knowing that he will be sick.

    • Support Desk

      The definition you are looking is good for standard plans (or plans without pre-ex coverage) and if you purchase a plan with pre-existing coverage and pay additional premium, it would cover new problems and old problems alike except old problems are subject to higher deductible and cap on total policy max payable.

  2. Vidula Joshi

    I need help/advise to select the right plan for my parents. My father is age 85 and my mother is 75. The only pre existing condition for dad is hypertension. Mom is a breast cancer survivor. The duration of their stay is 3 and a half months. What do you recommend? What’s the cost? Is dental covered?

    • Support Desk

      For that age group with the conditions you mentioned, the best and only plan available in the US is ACE Network (Comprehensive Plan). Please go to and select instant quote button and select the age group to see all available plans including ACE Network plan and the premium.

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