New Green Card holders (Permanent Residents) health insurance under Obamacare

Many India Network members are bringing their elderly parents to the United States at a later stage in their life, in their late 60s, 70s and more on permanent visa (Green card). India Network has been ways to cover this group of residents and explored various options. Unfortunately, this group of new residents immigrating to the United States later in their 60s have very limited choices. Majority of States in the US are not participating in the Obamacare market place and as such they will not accept any resident who is not a citizen in to their medicare programs. The sites does not allow them to register for the market place because they have neither filed any tax returns nor have any income to report. On the top of it, anyone over the age of 64 are not covered by any of the market place participating vendors.

Currently India Network health insurance is the only insurance available for new immigrants and residents coming to the United States. The India Network program offer coverage for all ages 0-99 years old without any restrictions or reductions in coverage. The program also covers pre-exisitng problems such as blood pressure, diabetes, etc. The ACE network program offer access to PPO network with deductibles as low as $250 per sickness and $1000 per pre-existing condition related problems.

India Network highly recommend to new immigrants and visitors to take advantage of the health insurance plans offered as a cost effective way to contain the risk.  Members are encouraged to contact India Network office to discuss various plan options for elderly parents visiting the United States.


  1. Vithalrao Lakkaraju

    Can you please suggest a health insurance plan with maximum coverage for a 76 old male person who will be receiving the green card and social security number in May 2014. Thanks.

    • Support Desk

      We recommend ACE Network Plan until you figured out eligibility to any state run programs. More details of the program can be found at

      If you have questions on coverage, please do call our office 407-243-8760.

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