India Network International Visitor Health Insurance Announces Higher Pre-existing Coverage Limits for Visitors of All Ages

India Network Foundation announces new visitor health insurance pre-existing coverage limits from January 1, 2014. Pre-existing Medical Coverage limits have been increased by $5000 from current levels to $25,000 for below 70 years old and $20,000 to above 70 years, highest limits in the United States.

Orlando, FL 32835 (PRWEB) December 25, 2013

India Network Foundation, a US based non-profit organization announces new higher pre-existing condition coverage limits for all ages under the comprehensive plan. In the past few years, many visitors traveling to United States are suffering either from diabetic or blood pressure related problems. These medical conditions are sometimes unknown to visitors with no symptoms to check against those problems. With more than two decades of experience in visitor health insurance programs for elderly parents, India Network observed that the pre-existing medical conditions are seven times more likely to cause a hospital visit during a 90 day stay than accidents and new medical conditions. In order to help families with these (un)expected problems, India Network started offering coverage that specifically include coverage for pre-existing conditions. One India Network long term member recently said that the “India Network program is efficient and easy to enroll compared to Obamacare programs”.

The “EasySelect” design provide instant summary of all available options and the premiums associated with the plans in one click. With this information in hand, one can easily navigate and purchase the plan that they are comfortable with. The OnlineEnrollment link shows to enroll in the plan by completing simple application. There is no medical underwriting and policy will be issued instantly when payment is made using a credit card or debit card. The enrollment process is designed to take advantage of latest technologies and takes less than ten minutes for anyone.

ACE Network Plan (a comprehensive health plan) provide coverage for accidents, new medical conditions, and pre-existing medical conditions. The plan pays 80% covered medical expenses up to the policy maximum. This is a very popular option for expatriate community that desire to have a policy maximum of $150,000 with $25,000 for pre-existing conditions ($20,000 for 70 to 99 year olds). The ACE Plan coverage includes several other important benefits such as 24×7 Europ Assist services, medical evacuation, repatriation, accidental death and dismemberment benefit, among many other benefits.

Dr. KV Rao, India Network Foundation said that “it has been very difficult task to increase the pre-existing condition coverage limits for elderly parents visiting the United States. The loss ratios work against pre-existing conditions cover and not many insurance companies in the United States are willing take the risk, particularly with short term visitor insurance Plans. India Network is fortunate to overwhelming participation of Indian Community members in the United States to make it possible for us to obtain the very best possible insurance cover for elderly parents visiting the United States, Canada or Mexico”.

India Network Visitor Health Insurance Plans are open to all nationalities visiting the United States and are welcome to take advantage of the plans while visiting the United States. India Network Visitor Health Insurance plans are underwritten by ACE American Insurance Group and claims are adjudicated in the United States as well.


  1. Rajesh Kumar Yadav

    i m working in Bangkok and frequently travelling to delhi. at least 4-5 times in a year. can you please suggest me an accidental insurance plan for me.

    kind regards
    rajesh k yadav

  2. Saima Hasan

    Both my parents are >80 years old and DO NOT have good health. My father Is REQUIRED to take an injection every month or 3 weeks for low blood count (kidney related). He is also a heart patient and takes several cardiac medicines daily. These all are pre-existing conditions. I have a few questions:

    1. Will the insurance cover all pre-existing conditions incase something is needed?
    2. Will the injection be covered (it is pre-existing as well as we know it is REQUIRED every 3 weeks)?
    3. Are medicines also covered if needed?
    4. How would I know which medical providers accept this insurance?

    Thank you so much

    • Support Desk

      Our pre-existing condition coverage offered under premier and ace network plan covers pre-existing conditions on par with new problems. However, maintenance drugs, labs, procedures are not covered and we are not aware that there is any insurance plan in the world that would cover without government subsidy.
      If someone has BP and taking medications, plans do not cover medicines. However, BP become a problem that require a doc visit or an ER visit, that would be covered byt the premier and ace network plan subject to deductible and policy max caps. Please review the program at and give us a call to help you choose the right plan

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