India Network Counsel US Citizens (below 65) for Health Insurance

India Network is pleased to offer counseling services to US Citizens, particularly of Indian origin and are age below 65 years with respect to their health insurance options under Obamacare. The web site continue to have several problems in getting correct information on plans and premiums. India Network lists three major insurance companies on its web site under Plans for US citizens link. These companies offer same plans like you find in but much easier to navigate and enroll. Premiums and coverages offered with a start date of 1/1/14 are the same as those offered on exchanges.

Most plans under Obamacare are very expensive with very high deductible. Do not provide coverage for dental and vision and very limited prescription drug coverage. For example someone in their 50s, the plans cost anywhere from $400 and up to $1000 per month with deductibles of $6500 and lower.

Obamacare open the insurance coverage for all people including those with pre-existing conditions. There is no medical underwriting in the plans. However, there is no control on premiums. Insurance companies have to include mandatory coverages such as dental coverage for children, maternal benefits, among others which may have no relevance or need for some in their 50s.

Please call India Network office to discuss various options for you. Remember, Obamacare plans are open only legal residents with social security number and aged below 65 years age.


  1. Kalpathy Easwaran

    Kindly let me know what type of short term insurance I can get in between my job. I am a US citizen

    • Support Desk

      Please look through web site and on the right hand side, you will find links to Assurant Health, AETNA and United Health Care. You can apply as long as you have an event such as change in jobs or marriage or divorce or child birth etc to take the insurance after March 31, 2014.

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