India Network Health Insurance Does not Cover if visitor is already sick..

We received a call from a member who applied for insurance early hours on November 1, 2013 for his mother aged 77 years old. Mom came to the United States in August 2013 but he choose to take the risk on himself. Mom’s coverage is not even effect (the coverage become effective from November 2, 2013) and several providers keep calling India Network office for benefits. India Network advised the member to cancel the insurance as it does not cover the existing medical condition which began before the coverage even started. Member was upset because India Network was not helping but do not understand that there is NO FREE LUNCH in America. One has to purchase the insurance on arrival of the Visitor not just before going to Hospital. No Insurance company will ever wish to take your few hundred dollars and pay you thousands tomorrow just because you are a nice guy.

To all our smart friends out there – take insurance from the start of the journey if you want your loved one protected against unexpected illness or accident or death. But do not try to save dollars by not purchasing the insurance from the start and buy only when you needed. IT DOES NOT WORK with India Network Health Insurance or any other plan or with any other insurance company.

As it is, India Network Health Insurance Plan is the only plan in the United States providing health care coverage for new medical conditions, pre-existing conditions and accidents for all age groups. This promise itself costing thousands of dollars in paid claims than any other plan sold in the market place.


  1. Swapnika

    What you have said is exactly right and is definitely respectable. But I have a question.what if this lady who is admitted in hospital is 25 yrs. old and after admitting into the hospital she accidentally came to know that she is pregnant which is an incidental finding by the doctor and even she was not aware of the fact that she was pregnant. Under this condition she was asked to take a couple of tests by the doctor which are related to her unexpected pregnancy.for sure she would have been pregnant before she was covered under the insurance of which she was ignorant. And after going through All this she has decided to go for an abortion which is an add on to the existing expenses.will India network take care of any of her expenses which are not her known pre-existing conditions before the insurance purchase.

    Awaiting for your response,


    • Support Desk

      Swapnika, Every situation is different. Pregnancy is not a disease and hence the pre-existing clause does not apply to pregnancy. Please contact our office for options to suit your situation.

  2. geeta

    I want for my mother and aunt
    My aunt age is 84 years she does not have any problem
    My Mother is 74 years she has asthama no other problem
    for two months we want to visit canada and usa
    can this policy is applicable

    • Support Desk

      Our plans cover 0-99 year olds. If you want to have pre-existing condition coverage, minimum duration required is 90 days.. otherwise, you can purchase any plan without pre-existing for any length of time. Given the age of your mom and aunt, we highly recommend ACE Network Plan for them and take 90 coverage to avail pre-existing conditions coverage.

  3. Vidhya

    My father is 66 yrs old and is an esophageal cancer patient. He’s had a surgery and some chemo and radiation sessions. Right now a part of the cancerous tumour is still alive but he isn’t taking any medicines to address it. The only solution is radiation/chemotherapy once a year to control it.

    Given these circumstances, will the insurance cover a short trip of 3-4 months if he visits USA? If there’s an acute onset of the cancer condition resulting in any medical emergency will that situation be covered financially by insurance to a specified limit?

    • Support Desk

      Vidhya, There are not many choices in your specific case. We are not aware of any insurance plan that would cover what you are looking for. Of all the plans available in the US, India Network plan is the only one provides pre-existing condition coverage but it does not cover medical tourism like cases. Please call our office to discuss what our plans cover and do not cover.

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