If your visitor is already in the hospital – no Insurance will cover that problem..

We have received a call earlier today from a family member worried about her mom, who has been visiting her and took insurance from a web site (not India Network) being in the Hospital for the last couple days. Her insurance company flatly denied coverage under  pre-existing condition clause.

In this context, A friend of her suggested to contact India Network Foundation to get the medical cover for her mother under our pre-existing condition plan.

Unfortunately, India Network Health Insurance does not cover those situations like the above. Please think about the scenario. Why any Insurance Company in the World want to collect $200 of your premium and pay $20,000 in a week or so.

India Network Health Insurance Plan is the only visitor health insurance program in the United States that cover pre-existing related medical conditions for all ages (0-99 years old) but you must purchase the program before the visitor arrives.  As it is, India Network is  hit with large medical bills because of our pre-existing  coverage and we can not help anyone who buys the insurance from another company and wish to move to India Network just to submit thousands of dollars of medical bills. It is not good for the community group and not good for our loyal members that supported the India Network Health Insurance program for more than two decades.

If you truly want coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, please take the insurance before your visitor arrives in the United States.  That is the only way, India Network plan can help you.

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