Heart Disease as Number 1 cause of death among Asian Indians

Recently reports of study indicate that more and more Indian are dying due to heart related ailments. About 25% of all deaths in the age group 25-69 years old are attributed to some kind of heart problem. American Association of Physicians of India Origin has established a study cell to study the heart disease among Asian Indians in the United States. More details on the report can be found at


India Network Health Insurance plans is the ONLY health insurance plan in the United States that offer comprehensive health insurance coverage including heart disease for visitors coming to the United States. However, a number of our member are not taking the correct insurance plan and have been impacted by heart disease kind of problems. Recently, a well educated member of our community purchased six days health insurance and scheduled to get all tests done including a proposed stent operation in those six days.  Unfortunately, it is too late for any insurance company to take on $100+ dollars of premiums and pay thousands of dollars with a 100 percent certainty.  India Network promptly advised the member to cancel the insurance as it won’t be covered under the circumstances and he can save that money towards his mom’s health care bills.

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