Visitor Advisory – Do not take Insurance without pre-existing condition coverage for elderly parents

Some of our members have been taking standard visitor health insurance  program for their aged visiting parents though India Network offers pre-existing condition coverage. Every week, we are unable to help 4 or 5 families because of these mistakes made by taking standard scheduled benefit plans which typically cover only new problems and accidents only.

There is also a misconception that one must take pre-existing condition coverage only when there is potential for hospitalization during a visitor stay. In fact, what we are observing is that many parents do not know that they have medical issues inherent in their system but not probably diagnosed in India, a common problem among elderly parents. Hence India Network Foundation strongly recommends coverage with pre-existing condition  for all elderly parents visiting the United States, Canada, or Mexico.  This is the only you can assure coverage for major health conditions like heart problems, stroke, or major medical conditions.

On the other extreme, we are observing that some folks are trying to take plan on the way to hospital next day. Unfortunately, Insurance can not cover such incidents. Do not wait until some got symptoms or sickness on hand. Insurance will not cover such problems and one will loose not only the premium but also has to pay the bills. Again, taking the insurance before arrives in the US is the best way to protect your visitors from unforeseen medical problems.


  1. rreddy

    Can you also suggest some insurance companies which offer best coverage for people on visiting visa and are going to visit USA with pre-existing conditions.
    And I agree with you to get the insurance before they onboard which would avoid all other uneccesary hassles.

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