More Elderly Parents traveling to the US are heading to hospitals

Many elderly parents particularly in their 60s and older are getting sick on arrival or within a day or two of arrival in the United States. Perhaps the heatwave that is creating havoc in various parts of India, particularly southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka may be the culprit behind sudden raise in elderly admissions in the last month or so.

Of course, India Network Health Insurance plans are helpings many of these visitors and some of them are sheer out of luck because they have either applied for insurance after their visitor got sick or already in the hospital. While India Network Health Plans cover pre-existing conditions to a degree, they do not cover if the insured person is already in hospital or sick. Please do not take chances and get the insurance before your visitor arrives. There is no insurance in the world that want your few hundred dollars and pay bills of thousands of dollars for sure. Insurance works on the principle of probabilities and not certainties.  Hence whatever your friend told you or whatever you read in various forums (some are sheer bogus run by folks to generate traffic), there is absolutely no insurance company that would take a sick person and pay for that sickness in exchange for few premium dollars.

India Network strongly advised each and every one of you who are bringing parents to take health insurance with pre-existing condition coverage before they set foot in the United States for better protection. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Toll Free: 1-855-428-3425 / 408-540-3600

Text: 407-243-8760



  1. Avinash

    My parents are travelling to the USA 1st time. They would be here from Aug 2013 to Jan 2104 on B1 visa. Father is aged 70 and Mother 60.

    What is the best & comprehensive plan which will cover their health insurance during their stay and what is the premium I need to pay.

    Can you send me the details. Thanks

    • Support Desk

      We recommend ACE Network comprehensive plan with pre-existing coverage for your parents. At that age group, almost all major issues are likely to be pre-existing and hence they may likely to fall under pre-existing exclusion cause. However, if you take India Network plan with pre-existing coverage, the plan assures coverage whether it is due to pre-existing problem or new problem. Please visit to get a summary of all plans

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