Platinum Helath Insurance Plan Coverage Eligibility

India Network is pleased to announce availability of Platinum Comprehensive Plan for all visitors arriving in the United States, effective immediately. This change would allow visitors to purchase coverage under this program even on the date of their arrival or within few days of arrival. Now, with this change in effective date, Platinum Comprehensive health insurance plan can be applied  before or after visitor arrives in the United States.  Many of you have requested this change to allow members take advantage of this plan when their visitors just arrived or arrived a couple days back. Unlike other pre-existing coverage plans, the Platinum comprehensive plan does not require 3 months minimum and can be obtained for as low as 3 weeks and the plan can not be renewed. Also, Platinum plan has the highest policy maximum of $500,000 of all policies offered by India Network. Several options for deductibles (including zero deductible) and policy maximums available. Premiums for the Platinum comprehensive plan are more affordable for below 59 years of age and they are on higher side for 60 plus age groups.  The Platinum Comprehensive Plan is underwritten by Nationwide Insurance Company and the claims are administered by Consolidated Health Plans in Springfield, MA.

More details on the plan can be found at


  1. Daipayan Sen


    I am interested in knowing more details about the Platinum Comprehensive health insurance plan and the Premiums and Co-Pays.

    Also I would like to know what are the Pre-Existing conditions that are covered within this Plan.

    Please email me all the relevant details.

    Thanks & Best Regards
    Daipayan Sen
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