India Network Health Insurance Covers visitors to the US, Canada, and Mexico

Effective 5/3/2013, India Network Health Insurance plans – ACE Comprehensive Network Benefit Plan and the Premier Scheduled benefit plan are extended to cover visits to Canada, and Mexico besides the United States. Any visitor planning to visit Canada, United States or Mexico can now purchase the coverage from one of the above plans. A great number of visitors from Canada are calling and requesting India network to extend this coverage to Canadian visitors. The coverage will have the same benefits, deductibles, and exclusions for all covered destinations, United States, Canada and Mexico.

The India Network Health Insurance Plan is the only plan of its kind providing coverage for new medical conditions, pre-existing conditions, and accidents to the Visitors traveling outside their home country. The ACE Comprehensive Network plan by ACE American Insurance Company provides comprehensive health care benefits for all ages, 0-99 using network benefits. This plan will limit policy holder exposure in case of any major sickness. The plan pays 80% of covered expenses after the deductible upto $5000 expenses and after that it will pay 100% of medical bills to the policy maximum allowed under the policy.

The Premier Plan is a scheduled benefit plan provides coverage for all age groups. The coverage extended to new medical conditions, accidents and pre-existing conditions as well. This plan is cost effective by giving a lower premium option in exchange for limiting payments for various services. By having complete freedom to choose your doctor and your own preferred facility, the plan gives best coverage in the class of such plans. Pre-existing conditions are covered in the same way as like any other new problem except they are subject to a special deductible and a specific sub- policy maximum for pre-existing conditions.

Both the above plans are available to all visitors from any country visiting the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Members of the community are urged to take advantage of this new geographical expansion of coverage.


  1. C V Nagaraj

    I am sixty four year old and my wife is sixty years.Our son is now in USA ,he has received his green card recently.Our daughter in law is a citizen of USA.By virtue of her citizenship and my son having married her
    on K-1 visa,he has been able to get his green card within a period of three years.
    However,as parents we will still not be eligible for a medical cover while we visit USA since we will be
    visiting as tourist-till such time our son gets his American citizenship.I am diabetic and my wife is a BP patient..
    Is there an American Insurance company which covers for Pre-existing conditions(health)apart from other insurance cover related to travel etc?.,Please let know.
    C V Nagaraj
    +91 9886273830

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