Visiting Parents from India are urged to take coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

India Network advised every parent visiting from India to take a health insurance plan that covers pre-existing conditions. Recent analysis of claims data shows that majority of high volume and high dollar value claims are originating from pre-existing conditions. As such all these claims would be flatly denied all insurance programs except India Network Health Insurance program with pre-existing condition coverage. Unfortunately, all plans offered in the market today do not pre-existing conditions to the extent and widely as the India Network plan.  An insurance policy without pre-ex coverage is limited to accidents and new problems only, which are not frequent and costs much less to handle.

However, there are many members who continue to take basic standard programs without pre-existing coverage even for 70 or 80 year old parents. The common misperception is that the individuals consider themselves very healthy though they are on some kind medication for blood pressure or diabetics or another problem. These and other problems which are common among elderly parents are often ignored as diseases. Any major illness that happens is directly or indirectly related to pre-existing conditions at this age unless it is an accidents. Many plans in the market place do not clearly explain what they consider pre-existing conditions and the agents that market these plans have very limited knowledge of actually whether a claim is paid or not paid.

India Network Health Insurance plans  offer both comprehensive plan and the scheduled benefit plans with pre-existing condition coverage on par with new medical conditions. This is the only such program in the whole world that provide protection for elderly visitors. India Network urges everyone planning to visit the United States in the summer to take the insurance plan without which you are exposing yourself more than you ever want. Please visit the web site for latest information and premiums of the plan at and apply using the online forms.


  1. Archana Upamaka

    I am interested in taking insurance for my mom. She is 71 yrs old and has pre-existing conditions. Could you please suggest a good plan for her? She will be coming to US in the last week of September.

    Thank you,

  2. A.R.Thirmal Raj

    Both my wife ( age 58 years ) and myself ( age 65) are visiting the US for a period of 45 days to be with our children. I am diabetic, well in control, otherwise in good health. My wife also enjoys good health at present.

    Please advise us on the type of health insurance plan to cover both ourselves during our stay, starting from the date of departure from India till our arrival back.
    Also can I use my international credit card to make payments towards the premium.
    An early reply would be much appreciated.

    • Support Desk

      Thanks for contacting India Network. We recommend ACE Network Plan with $250 deductible option for your age group and with medical conditions. ACE Network plan is cost effective and provide excellent benefits with 100 percent payment of covered expenses after $5000. More details of the plan can be found at
      However, this plan require a minimum of 90 days coverage. Even if you purchase the plan for 90 days, it would still be cheaper than other alternatives that cost almost same amount but does not cover pre-existing conditions.
      Yes, you can use international credit cards as long as they are allowed to do purchases in US Dollars currency.

  3. Pragnya Vijay

    My parents ,father (67) and mother (59) are planning to travel to USA for 2 months. My father has End Stage Kidney Disease for which he undergoes dialysis.He is making arrangements for the dialysis fluids to be shipped from India.

    He requires monthly blood work to be done to check his kidney function and haemoglobin count. Can he get the blood work done in USA under this insurance if we get pre existing cover? are medicines prescribed by doctor’s in USA for this considered under pre exisitng disease cover?


    • Support Desk

      Pre-existing condition coverage insurance requires minimum 90 days stay in the United States. You are welcome to apply for plans without pre-existing condition coverage for the exact duration of your parents trip. Please call our office to discuss various options for your visitors.

  4. Manasi


    I am an F1 Visa student in Oregon, United States. My parents are going to visit me for 2 months. I want to buy the preexisting condition coverage as my father has suffered from a minor heart attack in 2012 but is perfectly healthy now. Which plan should I buy? Please reply as early as possible.



    • Support Desk

      Hi Manasi, We recommend ACE Network Comprehensive health insurance for your parents. But this plan require minimum 90 days purchase if you want coverage for pre-existing conditions.

  5. Saima Hasan


    My father requires monthly blood work to be done to check his kidney function and haemoglobin count. Can he get the blood work done in USA under the pre-existing insurance plan offered by you? He also is required to take an injection for the same every 3 weeks. Is that considered part of pre-existing coverage? are medicines prescribed by doctor’s in USA for this considered under pre existing disease cover?

    They will be staying here for 6 months.

    Thank you

    • Support Desk

      Preventive care and maintenance tests and prescriptions are not part of the pre-existing condition coverage that India Network Plans offer. We are not aware of any other plan in the United States that would cover what you are thinking.

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