India Network Pre-existing Coverage is not designed for Medical Tourism

A lot of our members are thinking about bringing their sick parents over to the US and get them treated here. Of course, it is the best thing one can do to their parents.  But there are no insurance companies that want to cover such a trip, including India Network Health Insurance plan. Hence it is advised such members contact India Network office so that proper planning can be made with third party PPO network use to reduce their costs of such procedures outside insurance coverage.

India Network pre-existing health insurance coverage is the broadest coverage one can purchase anywhere in the world for visitors. Simply, pre-existing problems are treated on par with new problems and accidents. No preventive care is covered. Pre-existing conditions are subject to a special deductible and a special policy maximum. India Network highly recommend every one above 50 years of age to obtain either premier plan or a comprehensive plan with pre-existing condition rider. This option would save the immediate family of visitor with huge medical bills in case something goes wrong during their stay in the United State. As always, please call India Network office before you file the application with any questions on coverage.

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