Difference between Platinum and CHUBB Network Comprehensive Plans

CHUBB Network Plan is underwritten by CHUBB American Insurance Company and Platinum Plan is underwritten by Nationwide Insurance Company. Both plans are network based and provide 80/20 coverage and provide cashless claim settlements for any covered medical condition or accidents. If you are looking for a plan to cover pre-existing conditions and the visitors are in the United States for less than 3 months, Platinum plan is your choice.

a) Platinum and CHUBB network plans are known as Comprehensive Plans and they both use MULTIPLAN Provider Network

b) Platinum and CHUBB Network plans offer pre-existing condition coverage – CHUBB network treats pre-existing conditions on par with new problems except they are subject to a special deductible whereas pre-existing condition coverage under Platinum plan is limited to Acute onset of pre-existing condition (ie emergency care and inpatient care) and subject to same deductible as new problems.

c) Platinum Plan offers various policy maximums up to $500,000 with various deductible options from Zero dollar deductible to $1000 deductible option whereas CHUBB Network plan offers only one policy maximum and one set of deductibles.

d) Platinum Plan pays 100% of first $2,000 after deductible and pays 80% afterwards till the allowed policy maximum whereas CHUBB Network plans pays 80% after deductible till $5,000 of covered expenses and thereafter 100% of covered expenses to the policy maximum

e) CHUBB Network plan require minimum 3 months whereas the Platinum Plan require a minimum of 2 weeks

f) Re-enrollment is possible under CHUBB Network Plan and Platinum Plan does not allow any re-enrollment while the person is in the United States

g) Many additional provisions available under Platinum Plan – such as trip interruption insurance, baggage loss, dental emergency coverage etc.

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