India Network Continues to Offer Pre-existing Condition Coverage

There is a lot of confusion about whether India Network pre-existing condition will be available or not to parents visiting the United States in the summer. India Network Foundation is pleased to let everyone know that India Network will continue to offer health insurance coverage options that include pre-existing conditions for all age groups. There are now two major choices

a) network based plans – CHUBB Network Plan and Platinum Network Plan (also called Comprehensive Plans)

Both plan designs are network based and Platinum offers coverage upto $500,000 and can be taken for as short time as 1 month or more. Platinum has a built in $25K acute onset coverage for pre-existing conditions (see Platinum plan must be taken before arrival in the United States and should be taken for entire trip (no renewals allowed). Platinum offers several benefits and often works as cashless policy when network provider/hospital provide services.

CHUBB Network plan offers an option to take pre-existing insurance coverage and available for all age groups. One must take at least 90 days coverage initially and then renew as needed.  The CHUBB plan treats new medical conditions and pre-existing conditions on par except they are subject to different deductibles and policy maximum.  Of course, in addition to all benefits, it would be cashless policy when services are sought from participating physician or hospital in the United States. Details of this program can be found at

b) Scheduled Benefit Plans (also known as Fixed Coverage Plans)

India Network Health Insurance offers two programs – a Standard Health Insurance for relatively young with no medical problems to cover any new health conditions and accidents and a Premier Health Insurance for those in their 50s  who may have one or two medical conditions.  Both these plans are cost effective offering excellent benefits with an open network option to choose any provider of your choice. However, they may or may not be cashless depend on the providers since there is network involved.

If in doubt, India Network Staff are available to discuss your options and suggest the best possible plan consideration that fits your budget and your coverage requirements.

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