India Network Health Insurance Plan is Valid in all States in the United States

India Network Accident and Sickness insurance  plan offered through ACE American Insurance Company is valid all over United States unlike plans offered by various vendors which exclude certain large states with Asian Indian population.  It is not only valid but compares very well to plans offered for senior citizens under the Obamacare plans. For example, the plans offered in the State of Washington cost more than $1600 per month per person of 65 years or older with a $2,500 deductible. This premium even does not provide dental and visiion benefits. A comparative plan under the India Network Foundation sponsored programs cost anywhere from $267 per month per month (60-69), $677 for 70-79 year olds, and $870 for 80+ year olds. The deductible is much smaller ($250) in India Network network benefit plan compared to $2,500 deductible in Obamacare plans. While it is true that premiums are higher for older age group, the odds of getting sick with a major illness is higher for older ages.


  1. Ishita

    I am going to the US for Studies and planning to take a health insurance plan from National Insurance company.
    Is the plan accepted at University of Maryland,College Park?

    Kindly Confirm!!

    • Support Desk

      Generally, Universities in the United States do not recognize India based Insurance company plans and hence we recommend against taking plans sold by India insurance companies. The University may have its own health insurance plan or you can take the one offered by India Network.

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