When and where we should buy Visitor Health Insurance ??

Many of you may be wondering when exactly one should purchase the medical insurance for visitors and to get the insurance from India or from a US based Insurance company.  Of course, it is an easy decision if you just look at the rupees charged by any number of India based insurance companies such as ICICI Lombard, National Insurance, Oriental Insurance, Reliance policies, TATA-AIG policies etc. All of these offer world-wide coverage  at a fraction of US based insurance company policies such as India Network Health Insurance. Why is the health insurance in India is so cheap??

Health Insurance concept in India is very new. It appears only 6 out of 100 claims are actually processed by India based insurance companies that report to IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Authority of India) and even these six claims take about 110% premiums collected for the policies (IRDA, 2008).  The problem is also misrepresentation of coverages to policy holders. “Most repudiations happen due to non-disclosure of material facts about the health of the life assured especially hypertension and diabetes which most of the lives assured are not even aware of.” (IRDA, 2012). Now, you can fully understand that premiums collected are insufficient to pay even 6% claims and there is every likelihood that your India based Insurance policy is only a psychological satisfaction paper and nothing more..

It is highly advisable to purchase the insurance from a US program, like India Network Health Insurance, which is underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company. The India Network health insurance premiums are determined scientifically to meet all claims arising out of the policy as along as they fall within the policy wording (which is clearly written up on our web site https://www.kvrao.org).


  1. vani

    Hello – my father aged 77 is visitng usa for 3 months. He has number of pre existing condition. He is diabetic, heart patient, has has a brain surgery (Sub-dural hemotoma), has psoriasis.

    I would like a full insurance coverage for him (including pre-existing cover). Please suggest.

  2. latha

    My mom is 75 and will be traveling from India to the US. If I take the insurance before she travels, does the insurance cover her travel also? Or is the insurance valid only in the US?


    • KnowledgeBase

      It is recommended to take the insurance a day prior to her arrival and a day after her departure from the US. India Network visitor health insurance coverage is worldwide outside the insured’s home country.

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