Physicians Prefer India Network Comprehensive Health Insurance for visitors

It is well known fact that a number of American Association of Physicians of India (AAPI) origin purchase India Network Health Insurance for their loved ones visiting the United States. At India Network, we are thankful to those physician members for their continuous feedback to Dr. KV Rao to improve on various plans. The $5,000 deductible with higher coverage amount of $60,000 for pre-existing conditions was a suggestion of one of our physician members to help elderly parents with pre-existing conditions. In our recent discussions, physician members expressed full support to the India Network Health Insurance Program. The doctors continue to get coverage from India Network for their visitors. Most physicians are choosing India Network Network based Comprehensive Health Insurance plan with pre-existing condition coverage for their parents over any other plan available in the market. These doctors are aware of the value India Network Plan brings with the insurance coverage of $150,000 with $20,000 pre-existing coverage option.

The Network based (80/20) Comprehensive Plan with negotiated rates remove the uncertainty of billing. As a policy holder of Comprehensive plan, you are responsible only for your part of payment (20% up to  $5,000 dollars of bills). The  plan will go on covering you until the policy maximum or pre existing maximum allowed by the plan. Compare the pre existing coverage  plans by age group using EasySelect from India Network Health Insurance.

India Network Health Insurance is underwritten by CHUBB and AXIS  in the United States providing full assurance of processing of claims. and claims are processed by Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI). Do not hesitate to call our office with any questions at 408-540-3600.

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