India Network Pre-existing Condition Coverage eliminates limitations

The new enhanced India Network Accident and Sickness insurance plan eliminates the general limitations found in almost every plan offered on the web sites that you find in Google search. Almost all plans offered by different insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions at all. If they tend to cover, that coverage would be limited to emergency care with terminology such as ‘Acute Onset’,  ‘recurrence’ of pre-existing condition, etc.  India Network Plan does not have any such limitations.

India Network plans offered today on our web site do not limit the coverage for pre-existing condition in anyway or form. When someone chooses a premier plan (standard plan with pre-existing condition coverage) or a network benefit plan (also known as Comprehensive plan) with pre-existing condition coverage, the policy holders are covered for pre-existing conditions in the sameway like any new sickness or accident. The only difference is in deductibles for new problems and accidents versus pre-existing conditions. This is a major achievement for all parents who are diagnosed with diabetic, blood pressure, or high cholesterol can now get full coverage under the program. All those changes are achieved without any change in premiums.

Please take advantage of this important program which is affordable and offering great coverage for pre-existing conditions, new problems and accidents on the same level.

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