India Network Launches a New Improved Insurance Plan to cover Pre-existing Conditions

India Network Foundation is pleased to announce a brand new insurance program for visiting parents to enhance pre existing condition coverage in response to requests from the community at large.  Effective November 10, 2012, the web site offers the new program that has several enhanced benefits. Some highlights of the new program include:

a) Pre existing conditions are covered like any other sicknesses except they are subject to a special deductible and a specified policy maximum. The maximum available for pre existing condition coverage is as much as $60,000 when selecting the $150,000 policy. The India Network Plan is the only kind of program that covers in-patient and out-patient benefits for pre-existing conditions without any restrictions on the type of disease. The coverage is available in a network free plan as well as 80/20 network benefits plan (Comprehensive Coverage plan). The improved preexisting condition coverage plan is available for all age groups up to 99 years of age.

b) Minimum and maximum duration – The Standard Plan can be purchased for a minimum of 15 days and the Premier Plan (Standard Plan with pre existing condition option) can be purchased for a minimum duration of 90 days. The Network based (80/20) plan require a minimum of 30 day enrollment unless the pre existing condition option is selected, which would require a minimum duration of 90 days. Reenrollments can be from 1 to 364 days. The maximum duration allowed  of continuous enrollment in is 364 days under all plans. Coverage is available only to visitors traveling to the United States.

b) Pregnancy Benefits – The new program does not have any waiting periods except that the program should be in force when conception takes place.

c) Claims Management – The new program will have an industry leading claim processor, Administrative Concepts, Inc. ACI allows policy holders to monitor their claims online through a web portal. Providers and hospitals can submit the claims electronically and monitor them electronically.

d) 24 x7 Europ Assistance Services – Enhanced Assistance Services – 24 x7 support, Medical Assistance including referral to a doctor or medical specialist, medical monitoring when policy holders hospitalized, emergency medical evacuation, co-ordinate repatriation benefits, and return of mortal remains.

Please use the Program Menu to review the benefits and take advantage of this plan.

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