How India Network Help Visitors with Pre-existing Problems?

The goal of India Network is to provide best coverage at affordable premium levels. Of course, no one can compare India Network premiums with premium rates from India.. which are very low for the reasons known to them only and those who suffered through in collecting any money for their medical bills. Almost all plans offered in the United States under various labels routinely deny all major medical claims related to heart, kidney, stroke, brain hemorrhage, etc.  Many agents that sell these products do not tell you plainly and in simple language to understand coverage.  One should ask the following questions – does your plan cover the following conditions if my parents are in great condition now and if they suffer one of the following incidents during their stay, does your insurance covers? If they say yes, please get that in writing or show it in a printed brochure.

– Stroke or Cerebrovascular accident or event
– Cardiovascular accident or event
– Myocaridal infraction or heart attack
– Coronary thrombosis
– Aneurysm

India Network Standard plans do not cover the above problems. To address this issue, India Network plans with pre-existing coverage are highly recommended to anyone above 50 or anyone with BP, Diabetes, etc.  Please buy a policy that works for you in your hour of need. . that is India Network Pre-existing condition plans

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