Why to take Pre-existing Condition Coverage when my 75 year-old Father has no problems

We hear this question all the time. The Standard plans without Pre-existing condition coverage offered by India Network (or any other vendor on internet) do NOT cover major illnesses that elderly Indian parents are likely to face during their stay in the United States. India Network Health Insurance is the only plan that explicitly tell policy holders ahead of purchasing the plans because India Network wants you to be covered adequately.

Our plans with pre-existing conditions are exclusively designed to handle those emergencies (such as heart attack, stroke, etc.) without questions, so that your visitor is covered if a medical emergency happens. Only India Network Plans with pre-existing conditions coverage can assure that.

For example, the following major problems are almost always excluded by all standard (fixed coverage or comprehensive) plans including India Network’s Standard Plan:

– Stroke or Cerebrovascular accident or event

– Cardiovascular accident or event

– Myocaridal infraction or heart attack

– Coronary thrombosis

– Aneurysm

So, if you are purchasing a standard plan, essentially you are purchasing coverage for new problems, accidents, accidental death benefit, and medical evacutation. Nothing more and nothing less. Whether your visitor has a history of the previous five problems or not, any claims may not covered by any insurance company.

Bottom Line: Even if your father of 65 or 75 years-old has had excellent health, we highly recommend taking coverage WITH PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS OPTION.


  1. RameshNayak

    Since 2001 I visited 6 times to US/Canada with my wife.My wife is now 61 and I am 71 age like to travel in may to US/Canada for 3months period We like to take normal standard plan coverage $ 50 000 of deductible . We have taken your INW in our previous visits but never claimed any even some time suffered some acute health problems ,managed with our carry medicines . Are we eligible to under take non pre-existing scheme . .

    • Support Desk

      Thanks you for your participation in India Network Health Insurance plans. We highly recommend anyone above 60 years of age to take pre-existing coverage even if they do not have any major problems. Almost all insurance companies reject claims if a sickness or hospitalization are related to a pre-existing condition indirectly or directly. That is one reason, India Network exclusively offer the pre-existing condition coverage.
      Our recently launched Platinum Comprehensive plan offers up $100,000 maximum for new problems and accidents while covering upto $25,000 for unexpected illnesses related to pre-existing conditions. Please review the plan on our web site before purchasing.

  2. ramachandiran

    My mother is 83 years old. She may stay at U.S.A. for six months. Will she be covered with medical insurance? If so may I know the premium?.

    • Support Desk

      Yes. We offer coverage upto 99 years old and you are welcome to take ACE network plan for your mom. More details of the plan and premiums can be found at https://www.kvrao.org

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