Medical Coverage for Major Medical Issues – Heart Attack, Stroke, etc

We recently received a call from a family member inquiring whether he can purchase India Network Insurance with pre-existing conditions plan for his mom. His mother arrived a couple of months back and she was in the hospital with severe chest pains when he contacted our office. His mom had insurance from another company that widely targets innocent Indian families with all kinds of buzz words and jargon. A representative for the company assured the family member that his mother would be covered for all pre-existing conditions without any further explanation. However, after his mother was admitted to the emergency room, that same representative told him that the visit would not be covered. Why? The representative went on to tell the family member that his mother’s policy never had any pre-existing coverage and that it is not at all offered by any company.  India Network staff took time to review the policy sent by the insurance and it does NOT have any coverage for any pre-existing condition problems such as heart attack or stroke.

Unfortunately, India Network was too late to help this family because they did not purchase India Network insurance before the visitors arrival. The other company plan does not cover the emergency and the member is now at the mercy of the hospital with thousands of dollars of bills.

On the internet there are many policies sold for visitors that prey on unsuspecting family members.  After a careful review of various products offered, India Network staff reached the conclusion that there is currently NO plan on the market that explicitly covers problems like heart attack, stroke, brain hemorrhage, etc. India Network Health Insurance with Pre-existing Conditions is the ONLY ONE that can help when need arises.

Many people are confused by terminology in policies. For example, a number folks tell us that their  dad who is 78 years old but  pretty healthy. Dad takes his medications for high blood pressure and sugar but both are under control. The most asked question by these folks is, “Do I need to buy coverage with pre-existing conditions or not?” In world we live in today, most of our 60+ population have either high BP or sugar, but take medications to mitigate their effects. However, these diseases have the potential to cause life threatening or even fatal emergencies.

After examining the needs of our elderly Indian community, India Network advises all members to take pre existing coverage for their loved ones. By enrolling in India Network’s pre existing coverage. our community can be at ease knowing India Network is there when things go wrong.



    I am suferring from Diabetes n have had angioplasty in past.Though at present I am not having any heart problem.I am hypertensive also n am looking for a health insurance plan .Kindly suggest me one

    • Support Desk

      We do not cover anyone in India. The India Network Health Insurance plan covers when visitors with the kind of conditions you have mentioned if they take our pre-existing conditions plan (see details of the program at

  2. ved

    Kindly send all possible details, age- wiese, for the coverage vs premium for usa visit. Thanks and Regards.

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