What is India Network Medical Evacuation and How it works?

All policies of India Network Health Insurance contain coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation besides medical benefits that vary by policy. India Network in its more than two decades of running the health insurance program, helped many families with both medical evacuation and repatriation cases. Travel Assist provides world class assistance services with vast experience and expertise in dealing with medical evacuation cases very efficiently in timely manner that many insurance companies can only dream of.

Why are medical evacuation benefits necessary?

Global travelers need to be prepared for the possibility that they may find themselves in a location where the medical care is poor or inaccessible and it is necessary to be evacuated to an area where they can receive the appropriate level of extended care. Medical evacuations can be complicated and costly. However, India Network insurance plans include a medical evacuation benefit, which is critical. It gives members 24/7/365 access to Travel Assist which will arrange the evacuation and coordinate appropriate treatment along the way.

What are the key considerations of any medical evacuation? Evacuating a patient for medical reasons is a complex process that includes the following:

1. Evaluating the appropriateness by local health care providers (attending physicians)

2. Identifying the closest facility at the destination location where a high level of care is available and desired by the family

3. Determining the risk/rewards of moving the patient

4. Choosing the best method of transport (e.g. ambulance, specially equipped international flight, helicopter, fixed wing air ambulance)

5. Securing the cooperation of the local treating physician, including a determination that the patient is stable enough to be moved

6. Enlisting the most appropriate team to handle the transport (e.g. doctor, nurse, therapist)

7. Arranging for speedy and appropriate intake at the receiving facility

In a true medical emergency, travelers might not be fit to fly. They will need to get excellent local hospital care first (before transportation home) and Travel Assist staff that can work with that hospital to arrange the required guarantee of payment for treatment.


  1. I am 68 years old, on a visit visa to USA. I wish to have medical insurance coverage for 90 days with pre-existing facility. Please provide an estimate of the premium.

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