India Network Health Plan helps a family cope with Heart Attack incident

Many of you wonder if it is worthwhile to purchase India Network Health Insurance Plan. Every day, the India Network Plan with pre-existing conditions coverage helps thousands of families coping with major medical problems caused by pre-existing illnesses. Unfortunately, not all of our customers give us feedback on our insurance claims processor, who handles these dire situations. However, we did receive the following voluntary feedback from a member on his/her experience with India Network and Chartis Claims. It is heartening to know that our plan performed as we designed and helped the member cope with their mother’s heart attack, hospitalization, and, unfortunately, repatriation to home country for final rights:

Why I Recommend: My mother had a heart attack when she was visiting in 2007 and had to get surgery. Unfortunately she did not survive. However Chartis was very prompt with helping us cover the expenses including transporting her body to India. We did not have to deal with the hospital at all.  – Member, May 31, 2012

This is just one example. But there are many more. If you enrolled in India Network insurance and were happy with our health insurance plans and award winning service, please send us feedback to share with and benefit the Indian community at large.

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