How to Evaluate a Health Insurance Plan for your loved ones??

In this Internet era, there are many plans that show-up in google search… some of them pay up to $6 to get your attention! Don’t be misled by list of various vendors on the first page of google.. that does not mean that they are better than others but simply they have  lot more $$ to spend on advertising .. means that they will invariably have less money to pay your claims! All money spent on advertising has to come from the premiums you pay.  If premiums look too attractive compares to India Network Health plan, please read carefully all documents and ask questions. Since India Network Health Insurance premiums are derived scientifically, it is unlikely that an insurance company would offer plans with lower premiums for similar coverage. Be careful and get familiar with limitations, exclusions, small print, big print etc. Also, note that almost all plans in the market are advertised and sold by agents. . who sell many plans without fully understanding each and every plan they put on their web site.

As many of you know, India Network DOES NOT SPEND any money on google advertising or otherwise but still a number of you found it worthwhile to investigate and insure your parents/in-laws and other relatives with India Network health Plan – the only plan that exists more than two decades and still serving the needs of many of our members. With India Network, you are getting a plan that has vetted by many parents in the past two decades and found the plan is cost effective serving the very needs of the community at the best premiums possible.  You will not be wrong in choosing our comprehensive plan or the standard plan with pre existing conditions for your loved ones.

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