India Network Launches Comprehensive Pre-existing Coverage, Effective Feb 1, 2012

India Network Foundation is pleased to announce that a new comprehensive health insurance plan with pre-existing conditions coverage of upto $20,000 with a maximum comprehensive coverage of $150,000 for below 70 years old;  and $15,000 comprehensive pre-existing condition coverage with $75,000 maximum coverage for 70 plus years old. This program is a unique program that should help saving conscious members who wish to limit their out of pocket expenses. The plan also known as Traditional plan is 80/20 plan which pays 80 percent of covered health care expenses upto $5000 and there after 100 percent coverage upto policy maximum for new medical conditions and accidents. In case of pre-existing condition related emergencies, the plan pays similar to the above example except first $1,000 deductible must be met by the policy holder. Please call India Network office for any questions or queries at 407-243-8760


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      The standard plans do not use any network and they pay scheduled benefits after deductible. Comprehensive plans require that policy holders use a certain network providers. India Network uses Multiplan Network and you can look for providers in your area from our web site at
      Comprehensive plan pays 80% of covered expenses upto $5000 and after than the insurance would cover 100% of covered expenses upto policy maximum.

  1. jason joseph

    i like to to take a health insurance. How i can take a membership. Pls reply as soon as possible.

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