India Network Health Insurance Plan Continues Pre-existing Condition Coverage in 2012

We are very pleased to announce that the India Network Health Insurance will continue to offer its award winning coverage that includes pre-existing conditions cover in 2012. The current coverage of $50,000 for pre-existing will continue and we are working on improving that coverage to $60,000 with effect from February 1, 2012. This particular aspect of the program has been helping thousands of families stuck with unexpected illnesses related to pre-existing conditions, known or unknown to the visitors. While most plans sold in the market deny such claims, India Network has been taking care of those unexpected illnesses when purchased the pre-existing coverage plan.

The India Network Traditional plan (also known in various forums as Comprehensive Plan) will have additional option to choose pre-existing coverage. This comprehensive health insurance plan will be a unique program that offers ppo network in the United States as well as coverage for pre-existing conditions, starting in February 1, 2012.


  1. Bhargavi

    Hello Mr KV Rao,

    This seems like a wonderful news to people like us who have parents having some pre-existing conditions.
    My dad is suffering from Prostate Cancer and had undergone radiation and harmonal therapy and is doing fine now and the doctors have also given a certificate for him to travel.
    He also had a bye pass surgery some 10 years ago and is taking BP medication.

    So if any emergency conditions arises either due to metastasis of Cancer or Heart related ailment, would this plan cover those as pre-existing conditions?

    Please advice even if it is not too positive as I don’t want to get any wrong feedback from you..

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

  2. Vithal Rao Lakkaraju

    What is the exact, correct meaning of ” pre – existing condition” . I am 74 year old male person from Hyderabad intends to ravel to US in April 2012. I am a diabetic since last 10 / 12 years and sugar levels are under control. I also take tablets for control of BP which is under control since last 10 / 12 years. I also have some time arthritis pain in both the knees. But I travel and walk normally. Are these are termed pre-existing conditions ? What is the maximum amount of plicy I can take to cover all ailments known and unknown.


  3. B N OJHA

    My db 15th march indian citizen planning trip to usa and uk in the month of may,2012. Plan is to leave Mumbai on 3rd may go direct to SFO. from there return on 9th sept to London & finally returned to MUMBAI on 19th september, 2012.
    Indly suggest suitable alternative plan.

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