Tips in Purchasing Visitor Health Insurance Coverage

Purchasing a heath insurance policy for yourself or your visiting parents is not a easy task. Many folks, including health insurance agents are often confused with various plans, coverages, deductibles, and exclusions. This is more so with agents selling many many programs through web sites with minimal or no in depth knowledge of each program that you see on the web site. This is yet another reason to think of India Network Plan. This program has been in place for more than two decades, originally written and developed by Dr. KV Rao, a demographer and a statistician with keen interest in providing a combination of coverage, affordable premiums, and reliability as the core principals in developing the program. It comes from a non-conventional side of health insurance and thus many agents either misread the program or misundertsand or appreciate the benefits of the program. For example, India Network program is the only one that offers coverage to all ages groups and special coverage for pre-existing problems with affordable premiums, and a deductible that we can live with.  Yes, it is not the perfect plan but IT IS the best plan you could buy in the United States for your loved one.

You can rely on the experiences of thousands of folks before you in the last 25 years. The very reason that India Network Helath plan commands national attention is for its quality and innovative coverage options than advertising campaigns.  If you are confused as many of us are, purchase India Network Premier Coverage, and you won’t regret!


  1. Satyanarayanaa gollapalli

    My self and my wife would like to visit US during the month of June 12. In this connection I want to purchase Mediclaim Policty for the above visit. What is the exact premium to purchase for two persons aged about 62 years and 52 years.

  2. Vyja

    My parents aged 79 & 80 will be travellling to the US, UK & Canada over a period of 6 monts.

    1) Are there different policies for the US alone and for other countries?

    2) What are your refund policies?


    • support

      India Network Plan is valid in all countries except home country. Thus you can take any of our programs to cover US, UK and Canada visits – all in one policy with one premium.
      The policy can be cancelled before the start date for full refund of premium. After the effective date, premium is considered earned and no refunds possible.

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