KVRAO.Org launches new online enrollment for Visitor Health Insurance Plans

India Network Foundation under the leadership of Dr. KV Rao launched a brand new design to assist community members in enrolling and renewing award winning health insurance plans offered by India Network. The India Network Foundation sponsors three kinds of plans for visiting parents, temporary workers, students and their families directly in contract with the insurance company. These three plans provide three different options – a standard plan covering new problems and accidents; a premier plan covering new problems, accidents and old problem related emergencies; and a traditional plan covering new problems in the 80/20 PPO type plan. The direct contract with insurance carrier along with greater number of community members participating in the program made it possible to achieve these coverage levels without burdening the pocket book. Even today, India Network Health Insurance is the only plan that offers coverage for pre-existing conditions upto $50,000. A number of visitors already benefited by this program.


  1. Mrkrao

    Mrkrao -74yrs, M.visalakshi-66yrs, going to USA (vmeduri@hotmail.com). We have valid visa&silkair flight tickets & starting from Visakhapatnam India 7th June 2200hrs & will be returning 7th September 2013 from Sfo to visakhapatnam. We don’t have any pre existing health problems. Can yu mail me yr suitable plans that can be taken by my son in USA with a copy of mail to vmeduri@hotmail.com, Regards.

    • Support Desk

      We recommend to take a plan with pre-existing condition coverage for your age group, even though there are no immediate medical problems. We offer three such plans for 70 plus aged visitors and you can find them on our web site at https://www.kvrao.org/easyselect.html

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