India Network Plan helping hundreds of families with pre-existing condition coverage

India Network health plan is helping hundreds of families everyday when their loved ones are sick with major illnesses such as heart attacks with our pre-existing coverage plans. However, lately there have been some who wait and purchase their plan just before heading to the emergency room with their sick visitor. Unfortunately, we can do very little for such visitors and their families. Everyday, we are seeing few families trying to use the plan for immediate sickness at hand and getting disappointed when they realize that no insurance can afford to cover a certain hospitalization immediately after the program. The India Network health insurance, like others, expects insured to be of their normal health at the start of coverage. Hence IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT ALL MEMBERS SHOULD PURCHASE THE PLAN ON OR BEFORE ARRIVAL OF VISITORS TO THE UNITED STATES AND NOT AFTER THEY BECOME ILL.

Please take advantage of the plan when it is available and get the premier plan coverage for all your visitors who are above 50 years of age whether they have an known conditions or not. This is the best use of your dollars.

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