Should parents from India purchase insurance with pre existing condition coverage?

Parents from India vacationing to the United States are advised to purchase travel health insurance. Medical insurance can protect the family from financial burden caused by emergencies or sicknesses while visiting. If the family member is older than 65, insurance with pre existing coverage should also be considered.

When evaluating insurance you need a reputable and financially sound company that can pay your claim in the event of a medical emergency. India Network Health Insurance has over 2 decades of experience serving the Indian community. Pre existing condition coverage can alleviate the concern about exclusions that would occur due to current prescriptions or medical history.

Importantly, India Network Health Insurance does not have exclusions for heart attacks or look back periods that are restrictive. While visitor insurance that offers pre existing condition coverage is more expensive than other fixed coverage or comprehensive policies, for senior parents with pre existing conditions, these policies provide a peace of mind if a claim is filed.

The Premier Plan from India Network Health Insurance is the appropriate plan for those seeking pre existing condition coverage. Initial enrollment requires 90 days. Insurance renewals can range from 1 day up to 1 year for a $5 application processing fee.

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