Do I combine visitor medical insurance policies and how long should I enroll?

When evaluating visitor health insurance for family members visiting the US from India, consider their existing their individual medical history, flexibility of travel plans and the overall convenience of administrating claims when deciding on visitor medical insurance.

Medical history is different for every family. If one member has pre existing conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, that family member may benefit from a policy with pre existing conditions. Since these policies include a rider that is more costly than a standard policy, consider separate policies for the family members.

If one parent has business obligations or a family member in the home country that may require attention, consider individual policies and when possible, enroll for a shorter time frame than the expected stay. Policies cannot be cancelled after the effective date. If the visitor with the obligation is required to leave earlier than expected, the policy can be renewed for the parent that remains in the US for the balance of the trip.

It also makes sense to use one insurance company when enrolling in either a single or combined policy. If an incident occurs where both parents file claims, dealing with one provider is much less complicated. The efficiency and convenience is much more important than shopping to save pennies a day with two insurers.

With India Network Health Insurance, the price for the second individual is the same as the first individual. Health insurance policies require a few minutes to enroll and a small administrative processing fee for first time enrollment or policy renewal. Weigh the time and small fee when making your final decision for visitor health insurance.

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