33% Reduction in Premiums for India Network Health Insurance Plans

India Network Health Insurance is pleased to announce a 33% average premium reduction for selected India Network Health Insurance Programs effective June 2011. Thanks to overwhelming support and participation of community at large, India Network continues to offer excellent health insurance benefits that are unmatched by the market place for all non-US citizens in the United States or traveling anywhere outside their home country.

Most impacted are students and individuals 29 and under with up to 50% savings in monthly premiums. India Network Health has cut monthly premiums an average of 35% for visitors and temporary workers age 30 to 59. These low premiums, when coupled with the reimbursement benefits, compare favorably to many large corporate health insurance plans.

The Traditional Plan is known for its cost containment by using a PPO Network. Policy holders are responsible only for 20% of the first $5,000 medical expense and after that the plan is designed to cover 100 percent of your medical expenses. Please note that the Traditional Plan does not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. The Premier Plan is recommended for visitors seeking pre-existing condition coverage.

Traditional Plan monthly premiums can be viewed at https://www.kvrao.org/tr_plan.php

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