Pre-existing Conditions Coverage.. Does Health Care Reform Help?

India Network receives several questions and queries about pre-existing conditions coverage. Undoubtedly, India Network Health Insurance stands alone when it comes to providing much needed health insurance coverage for any emergencies related to  pre-existing conditions to all age groups of visitors, H1 work visa employees, and foreign students. Unfortunately, India Network program is not available to US Citizens in the United States but can be purchased by US citizens if they are traveling abroad. For example, if a US Citizen is traveling to India for 3 months vacation, she/he can obtain coverage through India Network program.

However, there are a number of new US Citizens, who do not have social security credits to qualify for medicare programs but are in their 50s and 60s and need medical coverage. In order to help new US citizens to obtain meaningful coverage, India Network researched health care reform web site for options.   Monthly premiums for the federal state/programs vary by state as well as eligibility. For example, A 50 year old Californian in San Francisco pays a  premium of $499 (ref – You can find information on the above link for other states also. Read Carefully eligibility criteria before you apply.

Monthly Premium:$499 for a 50 year old subscriber in San Francisco
Annual Deductible:
• Medical• $1,500 in-network / $3,000 out-of-network
• Brand Name Prescription Drugs• $500 in-network / $500 out-of network
Annual Out of Pocket Maximum:$2,500 in-network / no maximum out-of-network

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