When does Indian Network Health Insurance coverage become effective and terminated?

The coverage becomes effective on either of 3 dates:
· The day after the secure server online form is submitted and premiums processed; or
· The day after the postmark on the envelope containing the enrollment form and premium check/money order; or
· Any future date specified in the form.
· The coverage may start on the date of departure to USA or Canada (not more than 48 hours before arrival) if requested. All dates and times refers to US Eastern Standard Time and date.
· For new enrollments, the maximum total payment under the Policy for a Sickness that is first manifested, treated or diagnosed during an Insured Person’s first seven (7) days of coverage, commencing as of the Insured Person’s Effective Date is $1,000.  Full Policy coverage will take effect seven (7) days after Hospital confinement ends and/or medical treatment has been rendered complete, subject to the Pre-existing Condition exclusion.

The coverage will be terminated on either of 2 dates:
· The date to which premiums have been paid and as indicated on the id card or
· 48 hours after departing from the United States or Canada

After coverage becomes effective, it can not be refunded.  It is recommened to enroll for appropriate time periods that reflect the visitor’s expected travel dates. Consideration should be given to any potential return date that may occur.  Enrollment can be renewed on-line with a $5 administration fee up to one day prior to termination date for those visitors seeking to lengthen their visit abroad.

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