India Network introduces “EasySelect” to simplify visitor health insurance quote

Orlando, FL, March 14, 2011:  India Network Health Insurance introduces “EasySelect” to help simplify the visitor health insurance program selection process. Typical quote engines for visitor health insurance begin with questions about age group, days visiting, departure date, country of origin and country of destination. After completing the entries, the visitor is often frustrated with even more questions or too many choices.

Consistent with its two decade experience keeping health insurance decision-making simple, “EasySelect” offers a point and click navigation tool based on the typical decision-making concerns:

  • “I want the lowest premium”
  • “I want the maximum coverage with the least premium possible”
  • “I want the maximum coverage with the lowest deductible possible”
  • “I want to limit maximum out-of-pocket expenses”
  • “Show me a popular plan for my age group”

Within a few clicks, visitors can view a recommended plan based on their age group, coverage needs and budget. Whether you are looking for a plan with pre existing conditions or for the lowest premium, “EasySelect” saves time and helps buyers make informed decisions. Visitors can access “EasySelect” from the India Network Health Insurance web-site.

For further information, contact Dr. KV Rao at 407-243-8760 or visit


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