Selecting Visitor Insurance from US based versus Indian based company

Individuals comparing medical insurance for family members visiting from India are confronted with policies offered from Indian based and US based companies. If an Indian based company offfers a policy that is less expensive, what issues may arise should you truly need the insurance? Consider some key points when purchasing visitor health insurance from an Indian based company:

  • Regulatory jurisdiction can be an issue. If a claim is disputed and the complaint is filed in the US, Indian insurance regulators may not recognize your dispute. US based insurance companies are fully regulated and disputes observed.
  • Claim processing in India can result in time administrative difficulties when working with the insurance agency.
  • Customer support may not be available in the US time zone. This leads to delays and difficulties when asking for assistance or filing claims.
  • The ID card may not recognized by US hospitals or doctors, This means you will have to pay the provider and then file the claim with the Indian Insurance company for reimbursement.
  • The track record of the insurance company is important. Many Indian based insurance companies are newer to the marketplace. Make sure the insurer has a proven history.
  • Most of Indian based companies do not offer renewable policies. If the family member extends their trip, can you renew the insurance? Make sure this is available on the policy you select.

If you have additional questions about the advantages of selecting a US based insurance company, the experts at India Network Health Insurance, USA can help. With more than 2 decades offering visitor health insurance to Indian parents, students and workers visiting the US, India Network Health is a recognized leader in the marketplace.

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