Why is pre-existing condition coverage important when visiting the US?

For visitors with pre existing conditions,  medical coverage is important when traveling abroad.  Diabetes, blood pressure, chronic back pain, high cholesterol, kidney stones, skin problems are some examples of pre existing conditions. Although bringing sufficient medication and maintaining a healthy physical routine while in the United States is important, emergencies may occur. Visitor health insurance does not typically cover pre existing conditions. Always read the “Exclusions” in the plan brochure to see the limitations, including those plans that are labeled as “Comprehensive”.

The Premier Plan with India Network Health Insurance covers all ages with various pre existing deductibles and coverage levels while including all the benefits of the Standard Plan.  The Premier policy covers life threatening emergency situations due to any pre-existing medical condition.


  1. sitasunderraj

    Do u show any concession for people who find it difficult to match with ur rate.specially couple who r 80+?

    • support

      India Network offers the best possible program that industry can offer to elderly parents. There are no discounts or other reductions to published policy premiums in our web site at https://www.kvrao.org

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