I am browsing various sites on internet and they authoritatively say that pre-existing conditions are not covered by any insurance company. Is that correct?

Unfortunately, there are many health insurance plans sold by insurance agents that provide only psychological satisfaction when it comes to real benefits for people with pre-existing conditions. These agents are contracted with various General Agents and operate web sites under various names using bogus forums to generate questions and answers. The forums are used promote products that do not serve consumer interest. If you come across some comments on India Network plan, these are most probably posted by an agent trying to get some money by selling what he/she could sell. Most of these activities are unfortunately target Asian Indian community. No agent is allowed to sell or market India Network Health Insurance in the US or elsewhere. There is no insurance program other than India Network Health Insurance that is designed based on member feedback and member welfare as the core of its program. India Network Program is the ONLY ONE that covers pre-existing conditions in case of life threatening emergencies for the elderly including 80 plus.

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